October 21, 2009

Dull Boy by Sarah Cross

dull boy.gif
Avery isn't your average teenager. He has super human strength and he can fly. His friends don't know about his powers and now are not being good friends because he is always acting weird and secretive. So, Avery finds new friends who happen to have super powers as well. The only problem is none of them know how to control their powers and they don't know if they can trust Cherchette who says she can save them all and help them control their powers. The group must figure out everything on their own because they can't tell anyone about their powers.
Dull Boy is a fun book about teens with super powers. I found myself rooting for the teens the whole time while also wanting them to tell a trustworthy adult about their secrets. The teens work together as a great team and seem to really enjoy each other even if they don't always get along. I would recommend this book to high level young readers as well as teens.

Posted by Lisa at October 21, 2009 10:39 AM